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A practical oriented Software Development College offering training in:
Programming, Data Science and Finance.

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To train leaders who make a difference through an ICT enabled environment, coupled with trust, a commitment to truth, excellence, and esteemed moral standards, where The College Replica should be a leading model for these values.


  • To empower the world to achieve its full potential.


  • Replicating Excellence!

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Why Choose The College Replica?

We have the best packages that makes the students better software developers and designers.

Certification Centre

Our college is an affiliate member to the internationally recognised boards such as Oracle and Data Camp.

Practical Based College

Our college concentrates more on practice as the lecturers will be tutoring to make the best out of the tutorials.

Results Oriented College

Replica College will always evaluate the perfomance of its students and prepares them enough for the exams.

Mr A. Magomo

Software Developer

Mr T. Nyambuya

Software Designer

Mr T. Muponda

Software Developer